Dual Diagnosis, Eating Disorders and Your Drug Rehab

What is the Purpose of a Drug Rehab Program?We all know that the purpose of a drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program is to help those suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism to achieve long term sobriety. The initial step in drug rehab or alcohol rehab is to check into their alcohol detox or drug detox program. Afterwards, most people move into the addiction treatment level of drug rehab. After many years of research into drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs we have found that well over half of the patients admitted to drug rehab and alcohol rehab have a dual diagnosis.What Is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program?In basic terms, a dual diagnosis is the co-existence of a drug addiction or alcohol addiction and a mental health disorder. As such, drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs had to adjust their addiction treatment services to treat both disorders simultaneously. But what about the person with an eating disorder as part of the dual diagnosis. Can the person with an eating disorder be treated in a drug rehab or alcohol rehab program?Eating Disorder Treatment in a Drug Rehab ProgramAs with dual diagnosis treatment in a drug rehab program, addiction treatment services must be altered to meet the needs of the person with an eating disorder. Although the patient with an eating disorder has a dual diagnosis, their drug rehab needs are different. Before entering a drug rehab or alcohol rehab for treatment of an eating disorder, review their addiction treatment program and look into the drug rehab program’s ability to treat someone with a dual diagnosis.For additional information on dual diagnosis treatment, call the national dual diagnosis helpline at 1-800-511-9225 or go to www.recoveryconnection.org.

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